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Each event in your Thrivent Member Network gives attendees an opportunity to advance their "Wise With Money" journey and/or live generously by impacting nonprofit organizations in local communities. 

Spring 2020 has been busy so far, despite limitations to in-person gatherings. We hosted retirement speaker Tom Hegna virtually in April with over 200 Iowans registering - incredible! In the early months, we continued hosting our "Thrivent Thursdays" where members and prospects could visit with us about what it means to be a Thrivent member over a cup of coffee.

We virtually hosted a Power of Membership webinar to help members understand the variety of membership benefits they have at their fingertips, as well as a Wedding Planning Tips, Tricks, & Budgeting webinar for new couples to learn to successfully combine financials and money values together.

We are seeking to provide a virtual annual member celebration, complete with an aspect of entertainment as well as additional financial education workshops in the coming months. So many great things are happening already, and we can't wait to bring you additional offerings!

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Impact in Our Area

Take a closer look and you’ll see the causes that are near and dear to our members’ hearts. That’s what’s so exciting about our Thrivent Member Network. It makes it easy to make an impact in all kinds of ways! Regional food banks, animal shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, churches, nonprofits – the list goes on. Our Thrivent Member Network gives you the opportunity to help support and celebrate what’s important to you and your family.

The Thrivent Member Network - Greater Iowa partnered with Riverside Bible Camp for Giving Tuesday. Thrivent offered a $20,000 match for funds raised, and the camp raised over $90,000 that evening! We had a beautiful Christmas-decorated event including chili + cornbread supper, silent auction, giving tree, cookie + cinnamon roll sales, ornament sales, camp gift store, carols + worship songs, testimonials, and so much more!

On Veteran's Day, Thrivent members helped raise awareness and $400 for two Veteran-serving nonprofits: Retrieving Freedom and Patriots for Pets. The service dogs came out to visit, too! 

Power of Membership: Thrivent members enjoyed dinner and interactive learning stations to activate their Thrivent membership benefits and use them to impact their communities. Thrivent members enjoy the priviledge of making the most of their lives on their Wise with Money Journey! 


Your Thrivent Member Network - Greater Iowa will provide financial education workshops from time to time. Watch our "Events" page for more info! 


The Power of Membership

Thrivent Financial + Habitat for Humanity

Thrivent Choice

Thrivent Action Teams



  • Do One Thing Different
  • Financial Conversations for Women
  • Heart-to-Hearth: Conversations Around Aging
  • Identity Theft: What You Need to Know
  • Making a Difference: Sharing Your Time, Talents and Treasures
  • Parents, Kids, and Money Matters (Kids age 6-10)
  • Parents, Teens, and Money Matters (Kids age 11-14)
  • From Me to We
  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Decoding Your Credit
  • Finding Ways to Save
  • Values-Based Budgeting
  • 5 Keys to Retiring Fearlessly
  • Economic Update
  • Give Now. Give Later. Give & Receive
  • Income Taxes and Retirement
  • Keeping the Farm in the Family
  • Prepare Wisely: End of Life Strategies
  • Preparing for Long Term Care
  • Retirement – Accumulation
  • Securing and Preserving Your Retirement Strategy
  • Social Security: Timing is Everything
  • Your Legacy: Family, Church, and Charity
  • Joy of Giving – InFaith Community Foundation
  • Women Give – InFaith Community Foundation
  • College Planning – Thrivent Student Resources
  • 3 Ways to Reduce College Debt – Thrivent Student Resources
  • Engaging Generations Through Generosity (requires presenter training)
  • Jim Caulder – Social Security: Money Left on the Table
  • Robin Mueller – Understanding Annuities & Social Security
  • Mitch Anthony – How to Live the E.P.I.C Retirement 

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