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We'll help you find solutions geared toward your shifting needs.

An Array of Products & Services

We can point out many ways to save wisely, protect your financial future and provide income when you need it. As your goals and circumstances change, your Thrivent Financial professional will adapt alongside you, helping you explore the types of products and services that are appropriate during each stage of your Wise With Money Journey.


Insurance can help support several aspects of your financial strategy. We can help you use insurance as a buffer between you and financial hardship – and as a means for funding future goals.


Incorporating life insurance in your long-term financial strategy can help protect your family and fulfill your dreams.


Disability income insurance can help you replace lost income if illness or injury keeps you off the job.


Long-term care insurance can help you avoid draining your nest egg – or relying on family – if extended care expenses arise.


Medicare supplement insurance can help you cover medical expenses that Medicare doesn't pay.


We can help you explore a variety of annuities – tools that offer ways to save for retirement and generate an ongoing income stream.


We'll help you identify annuities that may be suitable for you, based on what you want to do with the money you put in.


We can help you choose an individual retirement account (IRA) to save for retirement.


Two of the most common types of IRA are traditional and Roth. We can help you determine which type best suits your situation.


We can help you explore whether rolling existing assets – such as a 401(k) account – into a new IRA makes sense for you.


If your employer offers a simplified employee pension (SEP) or savings incentive match plan for employees (SIMPLE), we can help you set yours up.


Whether you're a savvy investor or just starting out, we can help you tailor your portfolio to your needs and goals.


Our mutual funds help spread your financial risk across a variety of investments – while generally allowing you to access your assets at any time.


Our ongoing, personalized service can help you monitor and adjust investments in stocks, bonds and other financial assets.


With our fee-based Financial Planning Services, you'll work with a Thrivent Financial professional who can provide ongoing, objective advice and help you create a holistic, personalized plan.


In this fee-based financial planning relationship, your advisor can assess your current financial picture and help you develop strategies to support your long-term goals.

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Navigating Goals, Choices & Change

Throughout your life, certain events and life stages lead you to pause. And reflect. Whether you're preparing for the future or responding to a sudden change, there are ways to proceed wisely. Thrivent Financial professionals understand that. And they're here to help.

Where are you on your Wise With Money Journey?


Long-Term Care Insurance Contract
Medicare Supplement Insurance Contract

Ratings based on Thrivent's financial strength and claims-paying ability. Do not apply to investment product performance. The rating also refers only to the overall financial status of the company and is not a recommendation of the specific policy provisions, rates or practices of the insurance company.

2 Barron’s Ranking Methodology: 57 fund families qualified for the 2018 Barron’s Fund Family Ranking. Thrivent Mutual Funds was ranked #4 of 57 for one year, #3 of 55 for five years and #16 of 49 for 10 years for the periods ending 12/31/2018.

Barron’s Methodology: To qualify for the Barron’s Fund Family Rankings, a firm must have at least three funds in Lipper's general U.S. equity category (includes single sector and country equity funds), one in world equity (which combines global and international funds), one mixed-asset fund (such as a balanced or target-date fund), two taxable bond funds and one national tax-exempt bond fund. These funds must have a minimum track record of one year. Annual management fees of the funds are included in the returns calculations, but 12b-1, fund loads or sales charges are not included. Passive index funds are excluded from the rankings. Each fund’s performance is measured against all of the other funds in its Lipper category, with a percentile ranking of 100 being the highest and one the lowest. This result is then weighted by asset size, relative to the fund family’s other assets in its general classification. If a family’s biggest funds do well, that boosts its overall ranking; poor performance in its biggest funds hurts a firm’s ranking. Finally, the score is multiplied by the weighting of its general classification, as determined by the entire Lipper universe of funds. The category weightings for the one-year results in 2018 were general equity, 34.8%; mixed asset, 21.3%; world equity, 17.1%; taxable bond, 22.4%; and tax-exempt bond, 4.4%. The category weightings for the five-year results were general equity, 35.9%; mixed asset, 19.7%; world equity, 17.3%; taxable bond, 22.5%; and tax-exempt bond, 4.5%. For the 10-year list, they were general equity, 37.1%; mixed asset, 20%; world equity, 16.7%; taxable bond, 21.2%; and tax-exempt bond, 4.9%. Source: Barron’s Best Mutual Fund Families publication dated March 8, 2019.

Lipper assigns each fund to a Lipper Classification after analyzing each fund’s holdings and prospectus objectives. Once total return data has been calculated, Lipper ranks the relative performance of all funds in each classification against their respective peer groups. All rankings are based on total return and do not reflect sales charges. Performance of other share classes may differ due to differences in fund expenses. A high ranking does not imply that a fund had positive returns for the period. The performance of some Thrivent Mutual Funds benefited in the past from expense subsidy arrangements, which have the effect of lowering fund expenses and improving performance.

Total return percentile rankings within Lipper categories, based on annualized performance as of December 31, 2018:

Mid-Cap Core Funds Category: Thrivent Mid Cap Stock Fund - Class A: 30 for the 1-year period (126 of 420); 3 for the 5-year period (8 of 299); 4 for the 10-year period (7 of 198).

Thrivent Mid Cap Stock Fund - Class S: 28 for the 1-year period (116 of 420); 3 for the 5-year period (7 of 299); 2 for the 10-year period (3 of 198).

Small-Cap Core Funds Category: Thrivent Small Cap Stock Fund – Class A: 30 for the 1-year period (284 of 967); 4 for the 5-year period (24 of 680); 70 for the 10-year period (345 of 498).

Thrivent Small Cap Stock Fund – Class S: 28 for the 1-year period (266 of 967); 2 for the 5-year period (10 of 680); 55 for the 10-year period (270 of 498).

Mixed-Asset Target Allocation Aggressive Growth Funds Category: Thrivent Aggressive Allocation Fund – Class A: 6 for the 1-year period (10 of 171); 3 for the 5-year period (3 of 139); 12 for the 10-year period (14 of 116).

Thrivent Aggressive Allocation Fund – Class S: 3 for the 1-year period (4 of 171); 1 for the 5-year period (1 of 139); 8 for the 10-year period (9 of 116).

Lipper Award Methodology:

Lipper Award Mixed-Asset Class Award Methodology: Asset Class Awards are given to the best large and best small fund families separately. Small fund family groups need to have at least three distinct portfolios in the mixed-asset class group to qualify for the award. For the 2019 Lipper Fund Awards From Refinitv (based on three-year period ending 11/30/2018), a small fund family is defined as having assets of $76.8 billion or less, excluding Money Market assets. The Mixed-Asset Class Award is given to the fund family with the lowest average decile rank of the three years' Consistent Return (Effective Return) measure of the eligible funds in the asset class. In cases of identical results, the lower average percentile rank will determine the winner.

Lipper Award Fund award methodology: The highest Lipper Leader for Consistent Return (Effective Return) value within each eligible classification determines the fund classification winner over three, five, or 10 years. Based on three-year period ending 11/30/2018.

Lipper Fund Awards from Refinitiv, ©2019 Refinitiv. All rights reserved. Used under license.

Sales charges are not taken into consideration for Lipper Awards. Class S shares of Thrivent Mutual Funds have no sales charges. Some Thrivent Mutual Funds may have had fee waivers in effect and if they hadn’t been in effect performance would have been lower. See the Prospectus for current waiver information.

3 "World's Most Ethical Companies" and "Ethisphere" names and marks are registered trademarks of Ethisphere LLC.

This is a solicitation for insurance. A Thrivent Financial professional may contact you. Thrivent Financial professionals are licensed insurance agents/producers.

Thrivent Financial is not connected with or endorsed by the U.S. Government or the federal Medicare program.

Shares may be worth more or less than their original value when redeemed.

All investing involves risks, including the possible loss of principal. The mutual fund prospectus and managed account program brochure contain more complete information on the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the investment, which investors should read and consider carefully before investing. Prospectuses and managed account program brochures are available from a Thrivent Financial professional.

The principal underwriter for Thrivent Mutual Funds is Thrivent Distributors, LLC. Member FINRA. Asset management services provided by Thrivent Asset Management, LLC. Both subsidiaries of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.

These contracts have exclusions, limitations, reductions of benefits and terms under which the contract may be continued in force or discontinued. For costs and complete details of coverage, contact your licensed insurance agent/producer.

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