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Our Financial Professionals, members, their friends and family do some amazing things to support their churches, communities and each other!  If you have ideas or news to share, send it our way!

Impact in Our Area

As Thrivent members see needs in their communities, the Thrivent Member Network Two Rivers Region puts resources in their hands strengthening them as they help others.

Check out the amazing impact our members have made using their membership benefits in the Two Rivers Region!

Thrivent Action Teams

Thrivent members in the Two Rivers Region hosted over 10,637 Thrivent Action Teams in 2019, an increase of over 10.9% from the year before. 


To learn more about Thrivent Action Teams, click here

Thrivent Choice Dollars

There was a total of $2,671,048 distributed by members of the Two Rivers Thrivent Member Network to eligible non profits, churches and schools through the Thrivent Choice program in 2019.  Here, members can not only direct Thrivent Choice dollars but can also make personal donations to organizations while Thrivent picks up the normal processing fee. 


To learn more about Thrivent Choice, click here.


Habitat for Humanity and Thrivent Partnership

In 2019, the Two Rivers Thrivent Member Network partnered with Habitat for Humanity on a Faith Build in Sioux Falls, SD in partnership with 17 local churches/communities of faith. Together we contributed 2,593 volunteer hours to the home and raised $21,196 for the project. 


To learn more about Thrivent's partnership with Habitat for Humanity, click here.


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