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Welcome to the Thrivent Member Network-Southeast Region! Members of Thrivent who live in the 4-state region of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina come together to share their time, talents and treasures. Keep reading to see the results of what we can accomplish together in our churches, communities and beyond.

Impact In Our Area

When Thrivent members come together to share their time, talents and treasures, something amazing happens! Communities are strengthened. Lives are changed. And the impact of their efforts creates a ripple effect of generosity.

Locally, Thrivent members have joined together to help families in need, support their congregations and make a difference right where they live, work and worship. Through our Thrivent Member Network, they’ve held fundraisers for causes they care about. They’ve organized service projects to help families in need and learned new ways to be wise with what they’ve been given. And their passion to help others continues to make an impact in nearly every corner of our wonderful community.

If you’re already involved in the Thrivent Member Network, you know there are even more great things we can do together! If you’d like to join us in making a difference in people’s lives – including your own – check out the Events page. We’d love to have you join us!


Doing good from your own home
We know caring for others is important to you – even when we’re required to maintain social distancing. Visit for ideas on how to volunteer from your couch or computer. 

Educational Resources

Have a question? Looking for a member resource?  Click here to learn more about hosting a small group education workshop designed to help people be wise with money. 



Resources for addressing COVID-19

InFaith Community Foundation has started to compile a resource page with service organizations that you might consider giving to either directly, or through InFaith. These organizations have programs that are helping populations that will be hard hit by COVID-19 particularly those communities experiencing food insecurity, housing/shelter, and providing emergency financial assistance. This is not an exhaustive list as there are several organizations doing good work during this time of uncertainty. As we learn more, we will continue to update this resource to better serve our shared communities.


* Indicates organizations which may be available for matching funds to Thrivent members.


Salvation Army of Broward County  
Food for Thought Outreach


Second Harvest Food Bank of Coastal Georgia* 

North Carolina

UNC Rex Hospital
Clemmons Food Pantry Inc.*

South Carolina

Chapin We Care Center*
Catholic Charities of South Carolina


Educational Resources

Have a question? Looking for a member resource? Remember your Thrivent Financial professional is always happy to help! See below for additional member resources. 

Online Learning On Demand


Economic Update

It seems that some financial topic is in the headlines every day. Should those headlines influence your decisions around your financial strategy? Viewers will learn how to use economic data to make wise decisions about their money.


Swipe2Save: Saving Money in a Cash-free Age

Saving money isn’t easy to do and the old standbys of change jars and envelopes don’t work in the increasingly cash-free age of smartphones. This webinar will allow you to explore how to build the habit of savings that will help you reach your goals.

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