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Thrivent Financial is a membership organization of Christians, and our members are our owners. This means our leaders work in the best interest of our membership – not third-party shareholders, like publicly traded companies. It also means that all Thrivent benefit members can have a voice in determining who will lead the organization. If you’re a benefit member, you can vote in the annual election for the Thrivent Financial Board of Directors. As the organization’s supreme governing body, the board focuses on serving the interests of its members, both now and into the future. The board establishes and promotes Thrivent’s mission and oversees major business decisions. It also works with leadership to assess and manage risk. Get to know the women and men who are proud to serve on the Thrivent Financial Board of Directors and the executive leadership team by visiting the Governance page on

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Your Thrivent Member Network Board

 The Thrivent Member Network regional board is made up of Thrivent members. The board provides leadership and strategic insights to help carry out Thrivent's mission on a local level. If you’re a member, you can have a voice in making a meaningful choice by voting in the elections for the Thrivent Member Network board. 

Randy Balk

Hometown: Rothschild, WI
Congregation: Mount Olive Lutheran

Balk is the president and CEO of Intercity State Bank. A Thrivent member since childhood, he is excited about aligning with a Fortune 500 company in a voluntary capacity. He has been very pleased with the service and products Thrivent has delivered through the years, and the fraternal/benevolent structure appeals to him.

Gunner Blackmore head shot

Jennifer Dirks

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Congregation: First United Methodist

Dirks is CEO of TEMPO – Milwaukee, and is a new Thrivent member. She looks forward to providing experience, knowledge and expertise based on her communications/marketing background. She is looking to learn, collaborate and leverage expertise of other board members.

Gunner Blackmore head shot

Tom Foti

Hometown: Fitchburg, WI
Congregation: Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church

Foti is the Vice President and General Manager for Aldevron, and is a new member with Thrivent. He believes in the Thrivent mission, wants to make an impact in the community, build Thrivent’s business, professional development, and build network. He’s looking to provide strategic direction to help build Thrivent regional business.

Mark Platt

Hometown:  Prior Lake, MN
 Hosanna Church

I believe the key to living a fulfilling and successful life is living it generously.  God’s plan for our finances includes honoring Him in the area of financial stewardship and Thrivent’s unique approach to helping its members get this right is transformational.

Angie Rieger

Hometown: Madison, WI
Congregation: Good Shepherd Lutheran

Rieger is the Senior Vice President of Planning and Inventory at Lands’ End. A member of Thrivent for the last year, she hopes to help build a nice synergy between giving and corporate growth. She loves the concept of what we wish to accomplish and believes everyone can achieve a better level of financial stability and growth when they have a full understanding of the relationship between giving and personal finance.