Thrivent Member Network - Rocky Mountain Region

Stories of Impact and Information

News From Our Member Network

When Thrivent members come together to share their time, talents and treasures, something amazing happens! Communities are strengthened. Lives are changed. And the impact of their efforts creates a ripple effect of generosity. 

Impact In Our Area

Locally, Thrivent members have joined together to help families in need, support their congregations and make a difference right where they live, work and worship. Through our Thrivent Member Network, they've held fundraisers for causes they care about. They've organized service projects to help families in need and learned new ways to be wise with what they've been given.  And their passion to help others continues to make an impact in nearly every corner of our wonderful community.

Educational Resources

As members encounter unmet needs, we leverage our collective strength to provide access to resources that build their confidence.

Thrivent Member Network local workshops and events help members discover what it means to be wise with money and how to live generously in their community.