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Thrivent Financial is a membership organization of Christians, and our members are our owners. This means our leaders work in the best interest of our membership – not third-party shareholders, like publicly traded companies. It also means that all Thrivent benefit members can have a voice in determining who will lead the organization. If you’re a benefit member, you can vote in the annual election for the Thrivent Financial Board of Directors. As the organization’s supreme governing body, the board focuses on serving the interests of its members, both now and into the future. The board establishes and promotes Thrivent’s mission and oversees major business decisions. It also works with leadership to assess and manage risk. Get to know the women and men who are proud to serve on the Thrivent Financial Board of Directors and the executive leadership team by visiting the Governance page on

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Your Thrivent Member Network Board

 The Thrivent Member Network regional board is made up of Thrivent members. The board provides leadership and strategic insights to help carry out Thrivent's mission on a local level. If you’re a member, you can have a voice in making a meaningful choice by voting in the elections for the Thrivent Member Network board. 

Johnnie Driessner, Executive Chair

Hometown: Gresham, Oregon | Congregation: Ascension Lutheran

During his nearly 40 years at Concordia University-Portland, Driessner has helped prepare students to transform society through servant leadership. As a board member of the Pacific Cascade Region, Driessner will help guide efforts to increase Thrivent's visibility and support members who want to be a force for good in their local communities.

Johnnie Driessner

Amy Little 

Hometown: Spokane, WA

For over 20 years, Little has been serving our region in leadership roles in education and community impact. Today she is the President and CEO of Idaho Nonprofit Center, and has extensive volunteer experience with youth serving organizations and the National Council for Nonprofits. Little grew up in Spokane, WA, and graduated from the University of Idaho where she received a Bachelor’s degree in secondary education. Today Little lives in Boise, ID with her family.

Amy Little

Ryan Johnston

Hometown: West Linn, OR | Congregation: Willamette Christian Church

Johnston’s passion for serving youth and educating the next generation brought him to Fellowship of Christian Athletes, where he has spent over seven years and supports the Western Oregon region as the Multi-Area Director. Johnston is looking forward to working with the executive leadership team to strategically meet Thrivent’s goals for community involvement and church partnerships.

Ryan Johnston

Jim White 

Hometown: Tualatin, OR | Congregation: Rolling Hills Community Church

Throughout his career, White has been blessed to serve in financial leadership positions through family, church, business, men's ministry and marketplace ministry, including working for Delap, one of Portland's largest accounting firms, for more than 45 years. White will use that leadership experience to help guide Thrivent members and others to be responsible stewards of their God-given resources.

Jim White