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When Thrivent members come together to share their time, talents and treasures, something amazing happens! Communities are strengthened. Lives are changed. And the impact of their efforts creates a ripple effect of generosity. 

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Land Ownership: Possession vs. Stewardship

Writing Your Life Verse

How do you view your possessions?

If you are a landowner, more specifically a farmer, you may view your land and all that is yielded from it as your possession. While this is true, all land belongs to God and we are his stewards of the earth.

“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” (Psalm 24:1)

So how do you wisely steward what has been given and what you’ve worked hard for? How do you effectively pass it on to the next generation?

The starting point is a faithful view of ownership, and asking yourself, “What will my verse be?”

Download a copy of the article “Writing Your Verse” to learn more. 

Featured Topic:

Market Insights: Wall Street to Your Street


Interested in insights on recent market activity?

Get insights from Thrivent's investment leaders as they recap market activity and the economy through approachable articles.

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Impact in Our Area

Thrivent Northwest members have joined together to give their time, talent and treasure to build stronger families, churches and communities where they live, work and worship. We are inspired by how you #LiveGenerously!

Thrivent offers many unique programs and resources that provide members with new opportunities to reach out to others and show God's love in amazing ways:

  • Thrivent Choice® 
  • Thrivent Action Teams 
  • Educational Workshops 
  • Generosity Online


Action Teams

Members across the Pacific Cascade are putting their faith into action with a Thrivent Action Team to kick-start their community project!  All Thrivent members are eligible to host a Action Team. 

Above: Action Team in Twin Falls, ID

Learn more about: Thrivent Action Teams

Causes We Care About

Supporting the causes, charities and churches our members care about is one of our greatest joys at Thrivent. 

Above: Thrivent Member Network - Pacific Cascade Region raised funds for Boise School Distict at a bowling for a cause at our Summerfest - Thrivent Family Social event in Boise, ID.

Faith Builds

Thrivent Northwest members are making a difference in their communities and around the world, and helping families to secure stable affordable housing through Thrivent's partnership with Habitat for Humanity. 

Above: Thrivent Faith Build in Portland, OR

Learn more about: Thrivent Faith Builds

Educational Resources

Being wise with money means making financial choices that reflect your faith and values. At Thrivent, we're here to help guide you on your path to a more content, confident and generous life. 

Love & Money: Creating the Third Strand


Do you and your significant other talk about money?


Money can cause a lot of conflict in relationships. For many talking about finances as a couple is like stepping on to the third rail of a train track. Dangerous and with such a high voltage that touching it is often fatal.


So how do you create financial dependability and trustworthiness with your partner? The essential key is replacing the financial Third Rail with a faithful Third Strand.


Download a copy of the article "The Third Strand" to learn more. | Thrivent/disclosures

New Year - New Financial You


Wondering how to be financially new in the new year? Consider what the Bible has to say about money.


Over 2,000 verses of the Bible speak about money and possessions and point to a different economy with new attitudes and financial motivations. 


Download a copy of the article "New Year - New You" to learn more. |

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