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Thrivent Member Network events are open and complimentary to everyone. Visit this page regularly to find upcoming monthly in-person and online events. Featuring financial education workshops, keynote speaker events, socials, generosity projects and more.

Recover, Restore & Renew | Author Series

Thursdays in March | 6:00 - 6:30 p.m. PT

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If you’re a mom or a dad trying to juggle work, childcare and homeschooling, a business or ministry leader adjusting on the fly to a radically transformed landscape, or a young man or woman grappling with relationships, technology and schooling in a virtual world, you will find yourself gasping for breath at some point. We all do.

This webinar series is presented to you by the authors of Gasping for Breath and serves as an invitation to recover your breath and rebalance your life. Learn to become fully alive, renew, grow and flourish in a world that wants to take your breath away or worse yet, make you give up.


PART ONE - First Breath - Thursday, March 4
Your story begins so good. Perfect actually. God’s breath in you.

PART TWO - Gasping for Breath - Thursday, March 11
All of us, at various times, find ourselves completely out of breath – physically, emotionally, professionally, relationally, spiritually.

PART THREE - Learning to Breath Deeply - Thursday, March 18
It seems crazy to talk about learning practices for how to breath. Shouldn’t this just be routine – “as natural as breathing?” It’s just not that easy.

PART FOUR - Last Breath - Thursday, March 25
How do you stay in it for the long haul? How do you finish well? How do you bless the next generations, even with your last breaths?

No products will be sold. David Johnson and John Busacker are not affiliated with or endorsed by Thrivent. The views expressed in this presentation by David Johnson are his own and not necessarily those of Thrivent or its affiliates. The material presented has been obtained from sources we believe to be reliable and is current.

April Keynote Presentation

Tuesday, April 27 | 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. PT

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Stay tuned for details.

February Financial Education

In this webinar series, attendees were given tools and information to consider as they work towards their financial goals. 


Economic Update - to learn how stocks, bonds, and interest rates have performed over the past three months and the outlook for next quarter. How does the economic outlook influence your decisions around your financial strategy?


Your Money, Your Goals - how to create specific goals with clear deadlines and get motivated to make your money goals happen. How do you manage your money within a budget to reflect your values and goals?

An Introduction to Annuities - how to protect what matters to you most and fund your future for a fulfilling retirement. Which type of annuity is right for you?

Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done in 2021


400+ people joined us as New York Times Bestselling author, Jon Acuff,  provided practical, actionable ways to accomplish goals.


This motivational event kicked off 2021 and encouraged attendees to evaluate what they want to accomplish this year.


In every element of your life, goals matter. Yet for many of us, resolutions never get finished. Acuff shared simple things to improve how often you finish what you start.

Equipping Leaders for Changes & Challenges

Our leaders recognized that pastors are struggling with their own mental health while they simultaneously address the same conditions in the congregations they serve. To help provide a resource and encouragement to church leaders during this time, we brought in Dr. Cloud to share strategies to persevere and thrive as a leader. 


Dr. Cloud is a clinical psychologist, pastor to pastors and a New York Times bestselling author. His 45 books include the iconic "Boundaries" that has sold 20 million copies worldwide.


100+ people attended this virtual event and many shared that Dr. Cloud's words of wisdom were greatly appreciated to help them get through these trying times.


Celebration for Youth - Giving Tuesday

Our special event featured Youth for Christ, global thought-leader, Nona Jones, and a Christmas concert with four-time GRAMMY award-winning duo For King & Country


We are inspired by our northwest communities' generosity and commitment to support one another. Together, we raised $103,112 to support local chapters of Youth for Christ in Tacoma WA, Spokane WA, Portland OR, and Missoula MT.

The Fusion of Finance & Faith Series

This series explored the fusion of finance and faith with pastors from our local northwest community. Invest time in yourself and take a break in your day for a 30-minute desktop devotion. 


Register to watch previous episodes:

Does Jesus Care About My Money? | Pastor Bryan Halferty of Anchor Church | Watch Now

The Truth Money Tells | Pastor Donnie Johnson of  Liferoads Church | Watch Now

Feast or Famine | Pastor Joseph Bowman of Integrity Life Church | Watch Now


Fish & Loaves | Pastor Jacob Powers of The Heights Church |  Watch Now

Heart-to-Heart: Conversations Around Aging


Over 200 attendees were encouraged to start conversations with their loved ones in August 2020.


The webinar provided an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the effect caregiving can have on relationships and finances. Our panelists provided key information for supporting loved ones and tips for initiating healthy conversations with family members.