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We are proud to serve over 75,000 members across Alaska, Montana, Washington and Northern Idaho, and provide our members education, resources and opportunities to reach their goals, while living generously and being wise with money.

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Our events are open to all at no cost. Featuring monthly events ranging from educational workshops, generosity projects, guest speaker events and more.



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Read about our Generosity programs.

See a need? Meet a need. Thrivent Action Teams make it easy to do. You provide the passion and volunteer team. We provide a variety of resources to increase your impact.

Put your volunteer skills to work for short or long-term projects helping families in need of a safe and decent place to call home.

Make personal donations through an online giving platform offered in partnership with InFaith Community Foundation. Eligible members can recommend which enrolled organizations, from a list of thousands, receive charitable outreach funds through the Thrivent Choice® program.

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