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Helping Christians find financial clarity, enabling lives full of meaning and gratitude.

Our Thrivent Member Network

As a Thrivent member, you are part of the Thrivent Member Network - Nebraska Region that brings together nearly 70,000 members across Nebraska and western Iowa who put their faith into action and live generously.

Don't Miss a Beat

If you need to add or correct an email on record with Thrivent, simply log on to with your username and password. Once in My Thrivent, select Manage My Portfolio> Update Personal Information> Edit Email. Update your email address and click the red "Save" button. You can also call member services to make updates at 1-800-Thrivent (1-800-847-4836). 

Causes We Care About

Take a closer look and you’ll see the causes that are near and dear to our members’ hearts. That’s what’s so exciting about our Thrivent Member Network. It makes it easy to make an impact in all kinds of ways! 

Regional food banks, animal shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, churches, nonprofits – the list goes on. Our Thrivent Member Network gives you the opportunity to help support and celebrate what’s important to you and your family. 


Catch up on our latest events, along with news close to you.


Read about our Generosity Programs

Support an unmet need in your community! Apply to lead a volunteer team in a fundraiser, service activity or educational event and access tools and resources to mobilize your passion.

Help us ensure that everyone has access to decent, safe and affordable housing. From building a home, attending a world wide trip or participating in non-build activities, you can create meaningful impact on both local and global scales.

Make a financial impact by making a personal donation or directing Thrivent Choice Dollars® to the causes and nonprofits you care about.

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