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Five Tips From Thrivent Financial Mothers

Five Tips From Thrivent Financial Mothers

Five Tips From Thrivent Financial Mothers

In celebration of Mother’s Day, our Thrivent Financial mothers shared advice for balancing motherhood and being a financial professional. Thank you to all of our incredible Thrivent Financial moms for the amazing work they do for their families and for our members’ families as well!

Tip 1: Set Boundaries

“I set boundaries for myself and differentiate as much as I can between my work life and family life. I have a model week that I follow religiously. As a part of this model week, I take Fridays off at home with my children. I have also realized that having an amazing team working with me to support the everyday duties of a financial professional is key to building in this scheduling flexibility on Friday.” - Jen B.

Tip 2: Think of Work/Life Balance as a Scale

“An old mentor of mine described motherhood as a scale - there are times that you need to focus more on the kids or family, and there are times that work needs more of your attention. You just hope that you can figure out when those times are and that they do not merge together.” - Marcia A.

Tip 3: Dump the Guilt!

“Dump the mom guilt! If you want to be out of the home, then take pride in it. I love my moments away from my children, it makes me a better mom. And I love my time with my children and husband.”- Tara W.

Tip 4: Don’t Be Afraid to Say No

“I've learned that when you say ’Yes‘ to anything, you're saying ’No‘ to many other things.  Always remembering what is important helps me to make those decisions and not feel guilty about saying no.”- Amy W.    

Tip 5: Build a career with Intention    

“This career allows you to build a lifestyle that is rewarding and balanced. The key is to create the balance that you want and need, and to have a long-term perspective. Childhood goes by so fast, and building a career with intention can foster enjoying parenting and long-term personal success.”- Sara M.

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