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Meet Thrivent Financial Professional Jordan Mitchell

A Generous Heart, With a Mission to Serve

One thing Thrivent Financial professionals have in common is a commitment to serving their local communities in meaningful ways. And, Jordan Mitchell is no exception.

"I wake up acknowledging that I'm blessed to serve families, friends and neighbors," he says. "As an advisor, I never know how I might help change someone's life. That excitement and getting in front of new people to share the impact we can have together is what keeps me going every day."

The work Jordan and other Thrivent Financial professionals do truly have a positive influence on the lives they touch."One of the greatest rewards of helping Christians be wise with money is watching them share with others, while also protecting their own families and investing in the future," Jordan explains.

"Our relationship-focused business model allows me to provide customized investment strategies in a way that communicates how much I truly value you as a person, a friend, a neighbor – and a member of the Thrivent family. While my previous experience is similar, that is the big difference in being a financial professional at Thrivent. My members are more than just a number to be analyzed. They're individuals I get to serve alongside of, on a journey that keeps on giving back."

Jordan also wants potential advisors to know that this mindset is resonated throughout the organization, starting with leadership. Thrivent is here to serve. As a different kind of financial services provider that is dedicated to helping more Christians live content, confident and generous lives.

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