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Good Advice From Thrivent Financial Dads

Good Advice From Thrivent Financial Dads

A Thrivent Financial Professional Dad Is:

"Someone who helps people with money and always has cookies at his office!"

In celebration of Father's Day, we asked some our Thrivent Financial professionals what advice they share with their own children. They responded in true dad fashion:

"We talk a lot of money. About how it is a tool and how everyone gets to make their own choices about what they do with it." – Nick R.

"Every Sunday they are given money to put in the offering. When they get birthday money, we talk about what to do with it." – Scott F.

"My oldest son is only 6, but I went and spoke to his class about what I do and brought our piggy banks to explain being wise with money." – Adam B.

"Because of my work flexibility, I was able to teach a six-course series on entrepreneurship to my oldest son's 2nd grade class. We learned all about how money moves through a community." – Daniel M.

"We teach them that they should always give to others, and that they need to save for items that they cannot pay for yet, but would like to purchase in the future." – Adam H.

"We use the piggy banks and we regularly talk about where money comes from and the uses of money." – Dave M.

"My son is teaching his little sister about dividing money. He knows that I help people put their money into different piggy banks." – Matthew B.

"We teach Share, Save and Spend to our children. In turn, they are very friendly to others in sharing the gifts they’ve been given." – Garrett K.

"My kids are too young to understand what I do. But we are teaching our oldest how to count coins to deposit." – Brad N.

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