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Dave Buss,  Thrivent Financial Associate

"Are you running from something or running to something?"

– Dave Buss, Thrivent Financial Associate

Advice for Career Changers from a
Financial Professional

The job market today is tough, competitive, and financially complex. Employees change roles more frequently than they have in the past, layoffs and part-time employees are more common, and employees are responsible for managing their retirement benefits. With all of these factors to consider, we understand that changing careers can be scary.

Thrivent Financial professionals are here to alleviate that stress and help our members prepare so transitions like a career change are as smooth as possible. We asked Dave Buss, an HR manager turned Thrivent Financial professional, to share his experience on a career change and what advice he has for people considering such a move.

After a company downsize, Dave found himself with the opportunity to consider a new path. His father, a former Thrivent employee, encouraged him to consider a career as a Thrivent Financial professionals. Dave found the culture and values at Thrivent, along with the ability to help people, to be exactly what he was looking for in a new position. So much so, that he’s been running his practice with us for 13 years!

Today Dave enjoys helping “newbies” get on their feet through coaching and mentoring as well as helping his members through their own career transitions.

“I start by discussing where they are salary-wise and what they need to make to stay well,” Dave informed. “While we start with budget, I also ask, ‘Are you running from something or running to something?’ That’s the HR manager in me. You need to be running to something.”

Dave suggests his members write a help wanted ad that explains the type of job they’d want to apply for and then look for those types of opportunities.

“Once you know what you are looking for, continue your homework. Do research on your chosen field, collect salary ranges, analyze the cost of living in a new city, and make sure you consider the company’s culture,” says Dave, “culture is often overlooked but is extremely important.”

Sometimes you do have to take a leap of faith. If you’re like Dave, you may end up saying “I have the greatest job in the world.”

If becoming a financial advisor sounds like it might be something you would run toward, explore more about how you can Become Part of Our Story.

If you are experiencing a career transition and want to connect with a financial professional about the impact a career change may have on your financial strategy, find a Financial Professional in your area.