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Meet Thrivent Financial Professional Cathleen Wenger

Cathleen's destiny is helping others achieve theirs

We talked with Cathleen Wenger, a Thrivent Financial professional in Austin, Texas, to find out how she is fulfilling her calling and living her purpose at Thrivent. For her, it all comes down to serving others and understanding her role in helping them achieve their biggest goals and dreams.

"Our mission is to help our members be wise with money and live generously," she says. "It's so satisfying to sit with people, listen to them, get a good understanding of their goals, and then work with them to get them going in the direction that they want to go. You see them start to achieve the things that are important to them."

"Thrivent is pretty unique in the financial services industry," Cathleen continues. "We talk about giving back to others as part of an individual or family's financial plan – whether through their time, talent or treasure. That's a new conversation that most people haven't had with their financial advisor. It's meaningful when people act on our recommendations and reach their goals for living generously. It's rewarding to be a partner in that process."

We asked Cathleen about what it takes to succeed as a Thrivent Financial professional. She had some great insights and good advice for anyone who wants to join us in our mission to help Christians be wise with money:

"The best Thrivent financial advisors are good listeners who care about others. They're also motivated self-starters, critical thinkers and problem solvers. I also think you're really cut out for the role if you're able to laugh at yourself and have fun with people," she smiles. "Of course, we have resources to launch new advisors successfully. There's a big team that has been working here for quite a while and we're all willing to help people who start a career with Thrivent."

"I wouldn't trade my career as a Thrivent financial professional for the world," Cathleen concludes. "There's actually nothing else that I could do right now that would come close to what I've been able to achieve here. You're working for yourself, but not by yourself. You get to be the master of your own destiny."

If you're searching for meaning and purpose in your work, consider joining Cathleen and the rest of us at Thrivent Financial. Explore this career opportunity and see how far you can go.